Ashby Commons – Residential Subdivision

ashbyThis residential project created both townhome and single family lots on a remnant in-fill parcel located behind the Easton Lowes building.  All constructed infrastructure will be owned and maintained by the Town of Easton.  The project involved all aspects of construction and design from planning to final construction and the preparation of as-built record drawings.  Professional services provided included land surveying, land planning and civil engineering resulting in the approval of a subdivision plat and construction drawings.

Design elements included grading, sediment control, stormwater collection and management of both on-site and off-site systems, gravity sewer and water supply utilities, street lighting, roadway design, ADA facilities, sidewalks, striping and signage.  Lane Engineering, LLC provided all permit approvals and cost estimates, bonding support, provided routine on site inspection and construction stakeout.  Certified record drawings were produced, submitted and approved.