Digital File Release Form

Upon completion of this form, please contact our Receptionist at (410) 822-8003 to provide billing information if the request is not associated with an active/open account with us. The file you are requesting will not be sent until receipt of payment or until payment arrangements have been made.

Any use or reuse of original or altered documents by the recipient, agents, or other parties without the prior written consent of Lane Engineering, LLC releases Lane Engineering, LLC and its employees from any and all liability arising from the reuse or modification of the transmitted materials. Lane Engineering, LLC reserves the right to remove all indications of its ownership and/or involvement in the material from each electronic medium not held in its possession. The Owner, its Agents or other design professionals further agree not to use these drawings and data, in whole or in part, for any purpose or project other than the project which is the subject of this Agreement. The above listed materials are not to be further distributed without the prior written consent of Lane Engineering, LLC. Lane Engineering, LLC retains all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright thereto.

The recipient, its Agents, other design professionals, or contractors agree to waive all claims against Lane Engineering, LLC, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold Lane Engineering, LLC harmless from any damage, liability or cost, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and cost of defense, arising from any changes or use of the Drawings and data made by anyone other than Lane Engineering, LLC without the prior written consent of Lane Engineering, LLC. Any such unauthorized use or reuse will be at the recipient’s sole risk and without liability or legal exposure to Lane Engineering, LLC.

Both parties acknowledge that the reference, dated Record Document is the actual contract deliverable. All reasonable steps have been taken to assure the accuracy of any attached information contained herein, however Lane Engineering, LLC cannot guarantee that subsequent changes and/or alterations were not made by persons other than Lane Engineering, LLC. If verification of the information contained hereon is needed, contact should be made directly to Lane Engineering, LLC. No reliance should ever be made on information transmitted by electronic means unless it is first compared to a signed original.

Lane Engineering, LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the accuracy of any information that has been transmitted by computer electronic means. Additionally, specific attention should be given to the date of preparation and/or the date of last revision. Lane Engineering, LLC is not responsible for any changes of on-site conditions that may have occurred subsequent to the date of preparation. Environmental features such as wetlands and shorelines should be of concern in particular. The electronic file organizational structure is the proprietary property of Lane Engineering, LLC and is not to be shared, disclosed, or otherwise duplicated to any person or entity without the explicit written approval of Lane Engineering, LLC.

The flood data shown is based on available mapped and/or digital information and is depicted as directed and required by federal, state and local regulations. It is subject to data inaccuracies and regulatory change and should be verified prior to finalizing development or improvement plans for the subject lands.

The shoreline, wetlands and resulting buffer setbacks shown may not depict the current conditions and/or regulations, both which are subject to change over time. The user of this digital file is strongly encouraged to verify or have Lane Engineering, LLC verify these conditions prior to formal permit application. Lane Engineering, LLC accepts no responsibility for the users failure to verify the above outlined items or any other features or regulations pertaining to said features as included with the digital file.